Nigeria’s Groundnut King

Mr. Ekpa Frosted Groundnuts

Being the first product ever launched by our company, Mr Ekpa Sugar Coated peanuts is very dear to our hearts. It is roasted to perfection and made from only the best groundnuts.

Mr. Ekpa Salted Groundnuts

Our lightly salted peanuts are sourced from Nigeria's premiere growing region. We roast them to perfection then add the right amount of salt to give you the perfect snacking experience.

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Health Benefits

Groundnuts are an excellent source of protein, Vitamin E, Niacin, Maganese & many other nutrients. Click below to find out more facts!

Our Social Impact

At L&L Foods, we endeavor to make our business a tool to impact our community and the economy. Please read more on how we do this by clicking on the button below

Nigeria’s Agrarian Roots

We strive to invest every bag of Mr. Ekpa towards building back Nigeria’s agrarian roots. As agriculture was the basis of Nigeria’s historic past, it will be the building blocks of Nigeria’s promising future. We aim to turn this vision into fruition and drive development in Nigeria for the people, by the people.

Our Vision

What do our Customers say?

“Let me first of all say, oh my goodness those nuts are so tasty. Infact too tasty I had to stop myself from eating them all so that I could take some home for my kids and hubby”
“I don't usually love groundnuts, but when I do, it's @mr_ekpa. ☺️ Morning treat!"
“No, guys, guys, how can a discovery like this not make your day? #Mrekpathegroundnut #mygoodness”