Change the Narrative

Our Impact

Social Impact

We at L&L Foods see business as a very potent tool for improving the lives of people. Hence we ensure our activities have a net positive effect on our community. Specifically, we work to improve the livelihoods of local farmers as well as contribute to Nigeria’s economic development by producing locally and providing employment in our communities.

Farmer Development

70% of Nigerians engage in Agriculture on a subsistence level and rely on it as a source of income. As a result, agricultural development is a very effective means of tackling poverty & unemployment.

Our operation helps small holder farmers in the following ways:

  • Providing them with high quality agricultural inputs which increases their yield significantly
  • Training them on preferred and more effective farming practices
  • Offering a reliable market for their products so their crops no longer go to waste

Improving the Economy

The current reliance of the country on foreign imported food products which it can manufacture has significant negative effects on the economy. Some of the impacts are :

  • Loss of employment opportunity
  • A weaker currency
  • Loss of opportunity for GDP growth & economic prosperity.

By buying made in Nigeria products you are contributing to the economic prosperity of Nigeria.