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Historic Times

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, at height of the Nigeria's greatest period of economic prowess, agriculture rose as the clear propoent in Nigeria for the country's economic success. One man more than any other came to personify this prosperous period with the simple art of groundnut trade. Like his great-grandson Aliko Dangote, Alhassan Dantata dominated the groundnut trade to the point that he became one of the richest men in colonial west Africa. He created a system through the groundnut trade where an enormous amount of economic growth flowed into Nigeria and increased the standard of living for most groundnut farmers at the time to well above the national average. The pyramidal form in which the groundnuts were built were a means of storage of the groundnuts but also a display of wealth. Besides earning huge foreign exchange revenue for the federal government, Dantata's groundnut pyramids were also a site of tourist attraction for many European tourists who traveled to Kano to see them. 

Dantata created a system where the economic benefit derived from the groundnut trade trickled down to every socioeconomic class, from the skilled to the unskilled. The task of arranging the groundnut to build the pyramidal structure created jobs for the thousands of young people who sought work on the site everyday and a ready market for the groundnut farmers. Since the commercial exploitation of crude oil started in the late 1960s, the groundnut trade began to decline and eventually the groundnut pyramids disappeared. Government attention to agriculture began to waver and new initiatives began to lag.

Our Vision

At L&L Foods, we believe we can bring back the glory of our national pride in those groundnut pyramids. That is why we are presently investing in the entire value chain and improving groundnut cultivation across the agricultural belt of Nigeria. We work with farmers to ensure higher yield and higher quality premium groundnuts.

In the coming years, we look forward to increasing the acreage under groundnut cultivation tenfold. The prospect for bringing back the groundnut pyramids seems brighter than ever before. 

Help us rebuild the groundnut pyramids one bag of Mr. Ekpa at a time.